A New York blogger captured something rather disturbing on video; New York’s Collect Pond Park being overrun by rats. So many rodents appeared on camera that the man jokingly renamed the park “Rat Zoo.” Disgusting.

371028 01: A protester dressed in a rat suit from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) demonstrates outside of the CBS Broadcast Center June 16, 2000 in New York. PETA is protesting against the killing of rats on the reality-based show 'Survivor,' which airs on CBS. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Newsmakers)

Let’s face it in a city of 10 million people you’re going to have rats. Most of us who don’t live in New York City have heard tales of the number of rats that infest the city. We’ve even heard David Letterman joke often about the rats in various ways; most likely you’ve never seen video evidence of a rat infestation like this.

A blogger named Paolo Mastrangelo who writes for a blog called nyctheblog, posted this amazing video of his recent visit to Collect Pond Park in Manhattan. You can see the video below, if you’re not squeamish. If you’re like most normal people, just the very presence of a rat makes your skin crawl.

In his video of “Rat Zoo”, Mastrangelo captured dozens of the nasty little creatures scurrying around not really giving a rats rear end that he was there. New York City rats are not afraid of humans I gather.

Paolo writes that according to the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center, Collect Pond Park is slated for a $3.5 million dollar makeover. If I were a tax paying New Yorker, and I’m not, I’d insist that the money go towards a Pied Piper to get rid of the freaking rats.