If I’m lucky enough to make it into my senior years I expect to be awarded every single discount, write off, advantage, or whatever else that being a senior citizen affords. Whether it be twenty five cents off a cup of coffee or a $1 discount for ferry rides. Seniors deserve it. So who can criticize Barney Frank’s $1 ferry meltdown?

WASHINGTON - JUNE 15: House Finance Committee chair Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) listens to debate during the House-Senate Conference Committee meeting on H.R.4173, the 'Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act' June 15, 2010 in Washington, DC. Members of the House and Senate are working to reach a compromise on financial reform legislation that passed their respective legislative bodies. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

It seems that Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank was on his way to one of his favorite spots, “The Pines”, a popular homosexual hangout on Fire Island. Frank and his partner went to purchase tickets for the ferry ride to the island when the inexplicable happened; Barney Frank was denied his senior discount of $1.

Those who were working the ticket booth had a good reason for denying Mr. Frank a discounted ticket. The rules state that you have to have a valid Suffolk County Senior Citizens ID. Barney lives in Massachusetts so naturally he wouldn’t have a Suffolk County, New York ID in his possession. We are a society of rules, are we not?

Barney became so incensed by being denied his $1 ferry discount that what followed was a full fledged Barney Frank $1 ferry meltdown. What’s the big deal about $1 dollar you ask? Well last year Mr. Frank was spotted at “The Pines” with a few topless, rather well built young men at the annual “Ascension Beach” party. Maybe he needed the extra $1 for the G-strings. I’m just saying.

And please, no jokes about Barney Frank and Ferries; $1 jokes are completely within bounds however.