UPDATE: There seems to be confusion from readers about this story concerning two things. One, the link to a year old Houston Chronicle article and two the video by Glenn Beck at the bottom. This post is about the rumor of the Los Zetas seizing control of ranches in Texas. Some report they have, others refute that. I have provided a link to a story from May of 2009, which could have contributed to the confusion of the Zetas and ranches in Texas, and a Glenn Beck video that speaks to the history of the Zetas and the overall Mexican Drug war. I am not in anyway trying to use those links as a confirmation as to the validity of the original story. I am providing more links at the bottom as they become available.

Two separate reports have said that the infamous Los Zetas Drug Cartel have seized 2 US ranches in Texas, these reports appear to be inaccurate but not totally. The original reports said that Los Zetas, a deadly drug syndicate operating in Mexico had taken control of US owned ranches in Texas and that the ranch owners were unharmed. Had this happened in this way, we would be looking at an escalation of hostilities that we haven’t seen to date.

Police stand guard near suspected members of the drug hitmen group Los Zetas during a news conference at the federal police center in Villahermosa April 19, 2010. Several confessed to being involved in the killing of the family of an elite Mexican marine, who died during a raid that also killed top drug lord Arturo Beltran Leyva in December last year, according to the police. REUTERS/Luis Lopez (MEXICO - Tags: MILITARY CRIME LAW CIVIL UNREST)

These reports have widely been disproven, to a certain extent. What has taken place however is this. The FBI is advising law enforcement across the country that a “Texas cell” of Los Zetas acquired a ranch in Texas that they are using as a base of operations.

The Houston Chronicle has in the past reported that this cell of Los Zetas uses a secluded ranch to train its members how to “neutralize” competitors in the drug trade. You’ll feel safe to know that Los Zetas is training its members within our borders about home invasion techniques, firearms, and how to run vehicles off the road to kidnap those who owe drug debts.

While reports that the Los Zetas Cartel has seized US ranches in Texas are exaggerated, it’s not totally false. The Mexican drug war continues to be a huge problem; just today authorities in Northern Mexico unearthed a mass grave which contained 51 bodies.

UPDATE: The original source of the story is now saying they have 100% confirmation that Los Zetas Cartel has seized US ranches. You can find this story in the first link at the top. Stay tuned for further updates.

Here is another source claiming that authorities in Laredo will not confirm or deny.

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