The End of History is the world’s strongest ale at 55% alcohol by volume and comes bottled in very nifty stuffed dead animals. The maker is BrewDog in Scotland, no stranger to eccentric beers with past titles like “Sink the Bismarck!” and “Tactical Nuclear Pinguin.”

BrewDog says that “The End of History” is a blond Belgian ale infused with nettles from the Scottish Highlands and juniper berries. Yummy! The maker says that the ale should be drunk from a shot glass and savored like a fine whiskey.

The brewer has only made 12 bottles of the world’s strongest ale and says that they have reached “the end of beer.” Meaning they believe they can perfect brewing no more. They can’t push the envelope further than they have with “The End of History.”

You can own a bottle of the world’s strongest ale for a mere $762 dollars per bottle and it of course comes in your choice of small dead animal. Bottles will be neatly stuffed into squirrels, hares and stoats. A stoat for those who don’t know is a small weasel. I have albino squirrels here where I live; would be a nice touch.

And yes, animal rights activists are already popping off at BrewDog for their choice of packaging the world’s strongest ale. All the animals used in the packaging died of natural causes so fear not; no furry little creature was intentionally killed to house “The End of History.”