The recent story from the Daily Caller on Media bias has been a topic for the past two days on Fox News’ “Glenn Beck Show”. The story revolves around a web forum called ‘Journolist’, where Media professionals exchange ideas and views on various subjects. Topic Number One on many minds there is the vitriolic hatred they have against Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Conservatives in general. Today, Glenn Beck tied this story with the Father of “Modern” Journalism, Walter Lippmann.

393px Walter Lippmann 1914

Walter Lippmann was an early leader in the American Progressive movement. A journalist and “intellectual”, Lippmann was a founding editor of “The New Republic” magazine and was an adviser to Glenn Beck’s ‘favorite’ president, Woodrow Wilson. Lippmann was an architect for modern journalism, which is to say the use of mass media to shape and mold public opinion. In one of his many books, entitled “Public Opinion”, Lippmann raises the issue of manufactured consent and that public opinion can be easily manipulated by those who know how.

Lippmann’s view of the average American was derogatory. That only journalists can be that “specialized class” to take the “unseen environment”, collect and analyze the data, and then present their conclusions to the masses and decision makers a like. Of course, in Lippmann’s world, the political elite must codify the public through the art of persuasion.

The Media ‘pros’ who frequent Journolist share Lippmann’s views. Why not, he’s taught in nearly every college and university across America, if not the world, and held up as a shining example of great journalism. The Daily Caller has done a great service in exposing the inner, private views of these clods. Just as in the Climate-Gate email where we saw how global warming advocates fudged their numbers and bragged about it, we see here how journalists deliberately conceal, ignore and distort ‘the news’.

Glenn Beck has said many times he’s not a journalist. He’s just a guy with four blackboards. As many ‘ordinary people, are unfamiliar with Walter Lippmann, Glenn Beck has done a great job at showing who he is and how Lippmann’s influence is with us today.