Meet Rebecca Rogers, the latest 24-year old school teacher arrested on sex charges for having an inapprorpriate relationship with an underage 14-year old student. Rogers teaches at Our Savior Lutheran School in Livermore, California.

Update: Has this teacher been falsely maligned by an over-zealous Livermore police department? Read the comments below by the community leaders who know Rebecca Rogers.

Staff members said they had learned of the possible inappropriate relationship after the student’s parent discovered instant messages of a sexual nature sent from Rogers, who lives in San Ramon, to the student.

Police said a forensic examination of Rogers’ computer revealed she had been extensively communicating with the student via instant messaging.

Detectives said they recovered several instant messages of an inappropriate and sexual nature that Rogers had sent to her student.

The investigation is ongoing. As of this moment there is no assertion that she went any further than email messages, and in fact she has not yet been charged.

So on to the usual question of the double-standard. Are we really as outraged when the teacher is a woman? How about a good-looking woman? Remember the photos of teacher Debra Lafave, including the (gulp) cheesy modeling photos?

Most of us will agree that a grown woman’s naughty relationship with a 14-year old boy is wrong. And like a boss-employee relationship, there is also a student-teacher power issue regardless of age. And the relationship says a lot about the maturity, and perhaps even the mental stability, of a woman who seeks companionship wth teenagers.

However, I suggest that the relationship is a lot different if the tables are turned and the 24-year old teacher is a man while the student is a girl. With men, and I believe especially with teenagers, sexual urges are instinctually about conquest. This lad might have landed the holy grail of all school conquests and would unfortunately be congratulated in his circle of friends. With teenage girls, sex is often about insecurity and bullying.

Double standard? Certainly yes, and I think appropriately yes. But what do you think?

A video report of Rebecca Rogers’ arrest is on the local ABC affiliate.