OK, I am just kidding. I do find it infuriating that companies today can no longer provide even the basics of customer service. Things have sprialed out of control. Gee, that reminds me of Iraq. And other random thoughts of the day.

US Airways – The king of poor service. Today, I sit here unable to check in online although they pretty much call you a **ithead if you don’t. 2 reps have given me answers concerning this problem that are really just wild guesses. I actually asked a rep is she was guessing and she started to laugh and admitted that she had no clue as to why I am having problems. Anyway, I covered this horrible company in a previous post and won’t rehash everything that I already posted. I would stop using them altogether but on a route that I fly often, they are the only option for me when traveling home.

Iraq sure is going great! Thanks John McCain. Of course, let’s remember that John McCain did not exactly shine at the Naval Academy. One would have to assume that he did not do to well in classes that stressed strategy. Sure, let’s trust him with the whole deal. I feel safe now.

I was not in the United States and missed the GOP debate. Everyone who I have spoken to or read online agrees that Rudy Giuliani had a bad night. It is too early for panic. I honestly believe that Rudy is the only thing standing in the way of President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Gosh, won’t that be fun?

Nancy Pelosi is an unmitigated disaster as Speaker of the House. The irony is that she has accomplished nothing for the left in her first 120 days. The loonies must be somewhat displeased with ol’ Nance. Compare her tenure to Newt’s first 120 days and notice the huge difference.

Thank God Rosie O’Donnell, that putrid, disgusting pathetic excuse for a human being, is leaving The View. Unforunately, someone will give Rosie her own show again which will be a daily 60 minute rant against common sense.

God Bless the United States of America! Leave the country for 3 weeks and you will know what I mean.

Dick Morris is gleeful because he thinks Hillary is in trouble. Given that Morris is almost always wrong, I now fear that Hillary is going to crush her Democratic rivals. Contrary to popular opinion, I do not want to see her in the general.

I have been catching up with episodes of Lost with my portable DVD player. I am now watching season 3 on my Ipod. I have to say that, at least to me, it looks as though the quality of the show has dropped from season 2 to season 3.

Is George W. Bush aging in dog years? The last 3 years have taken their toll. Conversely, Laura never seems to age. Of all the recent first ladies, she is definitely the classiest.

Whatever happened to Gus Hall?