Meet Cinthia Covarrubias, one of six candidates vying for prom king at Fresno High School in California.

It’s that time of year, don’t you know. The semester is winding down, summer plans are being made, college applications are flying out the door. Time for those silly expressions of profound wisdom to be scribbled in yearbooks by adolescents who fancy themselves the next Robert Frost.

And then there is the senior prom, that capstone event to a hard earned education just before you wear the cap and gown stuffed with a fifth of Southern Comfort.

Yes, the senior prom, where a lucky girl will be named prom queen and a lucky boy will be prom king in 49 states. In the other state, California, both boys and girls are eligible for prom king. At least that is the case in Fresno California, which incidentally is not a hotbed of liberalism.

Cinthia Covarrubias is the odd man out so to speak. And by the looks of things she would have no chance of winning the girlie prom queen election, if you catch my drift and I know that you do. So Miss Covarrubias is running for prom king and that’s just fine with the school officials there.

She claims that she is “transgender,” but our Cinthia has no plans to actually change her sex through hormonal treatment or surgery. She says that she simply feels like a boy.

“My freshman year I just started feeling different,” she said. “When I decided to change to be like this, all of a sudden I said, ‘Wow, I feel OK. I feel like finally I’m being me.'”

The school district initially balked at this curious idea, but the usual suspects started filing complaints. The lawyers got involved and you know the rest of the story. Heaven forbid that the possibility of lawsuits might threaten the hard working school authorities’ long summer recess.

“We always want to do the right thing by our students,” Vice Principal Sheila Uriarte sheepishly said.