Earth calling Nancy Pelsoi. Your moonbeam needs adjusting. Take your pills and put your foil on. Yes, Speaker of the Nut-House, Nancy Pelosi has done it again. She’s provided us with yet another example of “Members Of Congress Say The Darndest Things”. Yesterday, after another round of bad employment numbers was made public, Pelsoi took to the podium and said that the fastest way to create jobs was to dole out more unemployment checks.

“It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.”, said Speaker Pelosi. You have to really wonder if she has just gone totally insane or is she on some serious mind altering drugs? This is the state of American politics today. The people of California should feel ashamed of themselves. The Democrat Party needs to have that “look in the mirror” moment and determine their self-value.

This morning the Labor Department released it’s unemployment numbers for June. Now, I have been raising the issue of the validity of these numbers for sometime. Washington has declared that in the month of June, America lost 125,000 jobs. Yet, the unemployment rate DECLINED from 9.7% to 9.5%! They cite that some 80,000 jobs were created in the private sector, about half temporary help in the hotel and hospitality industry. After all, it’s summer and vacation time, unless your in the Gulf of Mexico. The reason for the decline in the unemployment rate was cited as due to less people in the job market.

Key industries, like construction and financial services posted job losses. It’s becoming more abundantly clear that the Labor Department is playing fast and loose with the numbers for political purposes. I’m sure that Obama will make some speech today bragging about how unemployment has fallen to 9.5% today. The reality is the true unemployment rate in America is probably closer to 18% now. Even worse is the fact that nearly one out of four working-age adults do not have a full-time job.

Meanwhile, all we get out of Washington are ideas like Pelosi’s to create jobs by doling out more unemployment checks. Or from Obama like expanding the private sector job base by expanding the size of the Federal government by 25% in the past year. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, our daily lives are starting to resemble a Monty Python sketch. Unfortunately, the parrot isn’t pining for the fjords. “This is a late parrot!”