Politico reported yesterday that Christopher Hitchens book tour was suspended for “personal reasons.” That personal reason it turns out is esophageal cancer. Christopher Hitchens will undergo chemotherapy on his esophagus he said in a statement today. He was in the middle of promoting his memoir entitled “Hitch-22.”

Christopher Hitchens has long been known to enjoy a drink and smoke, something he tried unsuccessfully to give up. According to the National Cancer Institute both smoking and drinking alcohol can be linked to esophageal cancer.

Hitchens is a well known atheist who is quite hard to pin down politically. Mostly known for being a leftist of the highest order, Christopher Hitchens has in the last decade joined those of us of all political stripes in correctly identifying our common enemy, radical Islam.

Despite leaning left and describing himself as a “radical”, Hitchens supported the invasion of Iraq and the preemptive strike policy set forth by George W. Bush. To sum it up, even though you could categorize Hitchens as a liberal, there isn’t anyone on either side of the aisle immune from being rebuked by Christopher Hitchens.

It’s not known just how serious Christopher Hitchens esophageal cancer is or just how far it has progressed. For the time being the author and political commentator isn’t saying much other than he will take his doctor’s advice and receive treatment. In a statement Hitchens said “This advice seems persuasive to me.” We wish Christopher Hitchens all the best in his recovery.