This is Anna Chapman, hot Russian spy. At least that’s what the FBI is alleging. Chapman was among the 11 arrested yesterday by the feds in a sting operation that Barack Obama knew about as he ate hamburgers with Dmitri Medvedev. The FBI says that every Wednesday since January, Anna Chapman passed information to a Russian government official.

anna chapman

Chapman is a 28 year old self proclaimed “entrepreneur” who once did work for Warren Buffett. She had set up an online real-estate business, presumably for cover. The New York Post reports that Chapman and her Russian handler were corresponding via an online secret network.

If you’re going to be a spy, why not a hot one? All the women in spy movies are hot, too hot for reality one would think. Anna Chapman, hot Russian spy throws a kink into that theory though. She looks as if she could have been handpicked by Putin himself. She’s no Angelina, but as spies go she’s not bad.

Court documents say that Chapman had interactions with an undercover FBI agent who had arranged for her to prepare a fake passport for another Russian operative. She was to meet the spy by sitting on a bench holding a magazine a certain way. The other woman was to ask a question with a prepared “tipoff” answer. Chapman was arrested before the “mission.”

Anna Chapman, hot Russian spy will no doubt go down in espionage lore as perhaps one of the more attractive spies ever to be nabbed by the United States government. Aren’t they usually old fat dudes with glasses and a comb over? I’m just saying. You can see a video of Anna Chapman below.