An article in Mother and Baby is causing a stir because Kathryn Blundell, deputy editor in chief, called breastfeeding “creepy.” In her article Blundell says that one reason she didn’t breastfeed is because seeing your baby latch on where only a lover has been is kind of creepy. She has other reasons for not wanting to use the natural feeding apparatus’ that God gave her.

Millions of women breastfeed; my wife breastfed our kids and the benefits are indisputable. I also have no qualms with a woman if she chooses not to breastfeed for whatever reason. But to actually call breastfeeding creepy in a national publication has opened up a can of worms, don’t you think?

Let’s ponder Ms. Blundell’s reasons for not wanting to breastfeed. One, which I talked about earlier, she couldn’t imagine her child’s mouth being where “her lover’s had been.” Okay, enough said there. Another reason, which is quite understandable, she said she didn’t want her breasts to end up at her belly. That’s probably going to happen anyway, so why not give the kid some extra nutritional benefit?

Thirdly, which I find a little selfish, she says she wanted to drink wine. Geez. I hope she’s talking about the good stuff and not MD 20/20. To label breastfeeding creepy, it had better be good. Throughout she makes breastfeeding sound like the most horrific experience possible. How many women who had thought about breastfeeding are now turned off of it by this article?

The response to her piece has been overwhelmingly negative; mostly from women. Instead of writing a pro-bottle feeding article she in essence wrote an anti-breastfeeding piece. You’d think the subject of breastfeeding would be rather benign, but I guess not. Most men, including myself, don’t find breastfeeding creepy at all. Well unless you count the time when Jim Carrey did it in Me, Myself and Irene.