Areas affected worst by the oil spill will be graced in the coming week with a Vice President Joe Biden visit. Gulf coast appearances have been conducted four times by Obama, but this is the first for the VP. He will head for the National Incident Command Center in New Orleans before touring the Florida panhandle where miles of beaches are closed due to looming oil slicks. Check out the full story, with pictures and video below!

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Speaking on the pretense of anonymity due to the White House not having announced the trip, a source inside the administration told reporters that the Vice President plans to tour the southern states beginning Tuesday. The status of the oil spill cleanup efforts has gone from bad to worse as an approaching storm threatens to put BP’s cleanup methods on hold and possibly bring the oil on shore.

It is likely that the administration suggested Joe Biden visit gulf coast spill sites to assuage fears of the nation and ensure Americans that Washington is staying on top of the situation. The first named storm of the season, Alex, may throw another spanner in the works for Obama’s White House. U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen says that gail force winds up to 39 mph would force all personnel cleaning up the spill to evacuate, and could put a 2 week hold on cleanup efforts.

On top of that, the administration is also fighting the state of Louisiana, which wants the ban on oil drilling to be lifted. The state of Louisiana recently asked for the cancellation of the ban, saying each day deep sea oil drilling is banned, “millions of dollars of income are lost to the citizens of Louisiana, and by the state.”

Lifting the ban would be a huge public image faux pas for Obama, whose approval ratings have dropped to 46%, an all time low for the President.

It looks like the work’s cut out for the Joe Biden visit! Gulf coast appearances don’t do much to help the cleanup, but can help the administration’s public image. Do you think the administration should be doing more to enforce the cleanup? Or are they doing a good job? Let me know in the comment section!

Also, check out the photos and video below!

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Photos:, Carrie Devorah