While world leaders met to discuss everything other than global economics at the G20 Summit in Toronto, protesters turned violent. The usual crowd of Marxists, Socialists, Communists and Progressives assaulted police, trashed downtown stores and set police cars on fire. Protesting against globalism, climate change, capitalism and religion, rioters clashed with police, often throwing firecrackers and other objects. One group wearing all black, including masks, broke off from the main body at went on a rampage of vandalism and destruction.

Thousands hit the streets to protest as Toronto police and other Canadian security forces acted in the best traditions of professionalism and courage. They held the line as protestors approached in face-to-face confrontations. One group of maniacs attacked the Media, including a team from Canada’s own CBC News. The reporters and cameramen were assaulted, even urinated upon. Their mobile news van was damaged.

Several people were injured during such outbursts by the demonstrators. Police exercised great restraint in facing crowds estimated as many as 10,000 strong. Several arrests were made and a limited number of tear gas rounds were fired at times. Ordinary citizens of Toronto were outraged by the violence, knowing most of the protesters arrived from other countries, mostly from the United States.

Such demonstrations are standard features at any global conference where world leaders and the media show up. Canada has spent $1 Billion dollars to provide security for the G20 Summit in Toronto this weekend. Despite best efforts, violence has occurred. Meanwhile, the G20 leaders spent the day denouncing Israel’s blockade of Gaza, global warming and the war in Afghanistan. About the only economic matter being discussed is when China and the UK agreed to a commitment to curb budget deficits and reign in excessive government spending, much to President Obama’s dismay.