Forget about protocol with this guy; whether it’s a simple Saturday outing to his daughter’s soccer game or a major meeting of world powers. Obama ditches White House press corp again. A few months ago you’ll remember the press was pretty ticked about the President giving them the shaft and going to his daughter’s soccer game. Well, he’s done it again, this time at the G-8 summit.

Lugar Obama

This weekend Obama is busy with not only the G-8 in Canada but the G-20 as well. The G-8 ended today with the G-20 getting underway this afternoon. The White House decided to send the press corp on to Toronto 150 miles away ahead of President Obama who gave them the slip.

It may not seem like a big deal but as Obama has proved over and over he doesn’t give a rip about protocol or what anyone else thinks about anything. He does as he pleases. Obama ditching White House press corp is a clear suggestion of narcissism.

Mr. Obama doesn’t feel as if he owes anyone anything, including his lapdog press corp. They didn’t like it too much the first time he abandoned them, I’m guessing Robert Gibbs will really hear about it on this occasion.