One of the interesting things about the massive Senate Democratic majority during this session of Congress is that they chose not to pass an extension of unemployment benefits that would go for a year, or one that set up an algorithm, say as long as the unemployment rate stayed above 8% in a state, the unemployed would continue to receive benefits. Instead, every couple of months they put forward a bill that extends unemployment benefits for a couple of months while attaching to the bill some pork-laden spending.

On the other hand, Republicans are not unaware that primary voters throughout the nation are signaling that they favor legislation that would not expand the deficit any more. So, we’re left with a massive game of chicken, with more than a million unemployed waiting for the crash, knowing they’re the only ones likely to be harmed in the devastation that results.

This time, the Democrats under Harry Reid’s leadership decided to attach a $100 billion stimulus plan to the bill. They used the same tired argument that this stimulus is necessary to keep states from laying off (you guessed it) teachers, police, and firefighters. However, they were unable to convince any Republicans to join them. Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) made the apparently outrageous request that the $35 billion for the benefits be considered and passed in isolation from the stimulus. This was rejected out of hand by Reid.

So now, the senators will all go home for the Fourth of July. I assume that they’ll all show up at parades. I assume they’ll all give long-winded speeches about the grandeur of our great nation. My guess is that few of them will actually waste a breath speaking or even thinking about the million of hardworking Americans who will find it more difficult to pay their mortgage, or buy groceries, or purchase food for their own bbq. Their America is one that politicians of both parties like to ignore. They don’t make a lot of noise, or donate a ton of money. They don’t work on Wall Street, so politicians of both parties don’t line up to ensure that they’ll be able to rob us again in a few years. They just want the chance to provide for their own families.