Today marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. North Korean forces swarmed across the border, the 38th Parallel, into South Korea. President Harry Truman called the invasion a “bandit raid” and our response a “police action”. The United States led a coalition of United Nations forces to repel the North Koreans. Under the leadership of General Douglas MacArthur, a brilliant amphibious assault at Inchon relieved retreating troops near Pusan. Cut off, the North Korean army collapsed and were routed. But victory was short-lived as China joined the fight, turning the “police action” into a three-year bloodbath testing the ideologies of Communism and the West.

A truce finally came, but the war has never officially ended. As all too apparent following the recent sinking of a South Korean warship by a North Korean submarine using a torpedo. Tensions remain high, especially since North Korea possesses nuclear weapons and is being run by a despotic madman. The North Koreans live in perhaps the most closed, totalitarian country on the planet. It’s people starve as their dear leader, Kim Sung Il, lives it up with Russian prostitutes and imported liquor and drugs.

Communism is still alive and well. Not only have we not learned the lessons of history, we’ve ignored them. Celebrities of the West make fashion statements with t-shirts of Che Guevara and handbags with quotes from Mao Zedong. Despite revelations following the release of KGB files after the fall of the Soviet Union, the American media and academe still call the warnings of Senator Joseph McCarthy mere lunatic ravings. The government of the United States was infiltrated by Communists, as were our unions, schools and other vital sectors. Even many of our churches today preach “social justice’ instead of the revealed word of God.

The political system responsible for the deaths of over 100 Million people, and the enslavement of nearly half the planet is viewed as being chic and hip. To criticize such is to be narrow minded or ignorant at best and crazy-paranoid at worst. We watch our own government drag us steadily further down the road to Communism. Statues of Stalin erected in Virginia. President Obama referring to World War Two as “the Great Patriotic War”. But then, the Harvard professor practicing ‘bow-boy diplomacy’ thinks our own Constitution is a “charter of negative liberties”.

Yes, Korea is the Forgotten War. Here we are, 60 years after it’s start and we have forgotten not only the battles and heroism of our soldiers, but why we fought. I can only imagine how the Korean War will be viewed at it’s 100th anniversary, should the forces of Communism continue to infiltrate and dominate our way of life. Parades celebrating the “great patriotic war” with Americans carrying tributes to Marx, Lenin, Stalin and …? Well, I’ll let you imagine who’s name I’m leaving out. I’ll give you a hint. He’s in Toronto this weekend.