Today marks the first anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. The pop star, his life and music will be commemorated and celebrated all around the world today. His death from an apparent drug overdose is still being investigated as controversy over who did what, who knew what continues. Michael Jackson had been in dire financial straits just prior to his death. But, according to Billboard Magazine, in the past year, Michael Jackson has sold more than $1 Billion dollars worth of merchandise, music, and movie tickets.

Album sales and box office receipts top the list. According to Billboard Magazine, $383 million dollars worth of Michael Jackson albums have sold since his death one year ago today. The movie, “This Is It”, a collection of film shot during the rehearsals for his last impending concert tour grossed over $400 Million dollars. The rest of the money came from other sources. A recent deal by Michael Jackson’s estate to produce ten albums of unreleased music by 2017 may be worth as much as $250 Million dollars.

Needless to say, others are attempting to feed off of his stardom. A Japanese movie, “King of Pop” has come under fire from Michael Jackson’s estate. The film’s producers allegedly are promoting the movie as authorized by Michael Jackson prior to hid death one year ago today. However, the estate is contesting it, telling Reuters “This movie cannot legally use any of Michael’s songs or recordings in it’s soundtrack.” The estate also says that fans should know that “none of the proceeds earned by this movie will be paid to his Estate”. Neither his three children, nor any of Michael Jackson’s charities will benefit.

Tributes all around the world will be held today for Michael Jackson. Many ranged from simple candle lighting ceremonies to performances of his music. In Tokyo, Japan, where Jackson was extremely popular, 50 lucky winners were drawn from 10,000 to spend the night at the Tokyo Tower with items from the Neverland Collection, the only sanctioned Michael Jackson exhibition. In the Philippines, a prison in Cebu will once again stage a mass dance of “Thriller” as they did in 2007, which has become a You-Tube sensation.

Members of the Jackson family will attend the unveiling of a monument by his mother, Katherine, in Gary, Indiana, hometown to the Jacksons. All three of Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket, will be in Gary attending a private memorial. At the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California, the gates will be open to the public so that fans may pay their respects to Michael Jackson. However, only private guests and family will be allowed inside the mausoleum.

Michael Jackson earning more money now after his death comes as no surprise to many. His popularity worldwide is as strong as ever. The ‘King of Pop’ is probably the single, most famous and recognizable icon on Earth. How much of the $1 Billion dollars will actually go directly to his estate is uncertain. But most of the more recent deals, such as a new dance-video game due out this Christmas, will add to his estate. With today marking the first anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, his fans will pay homage to his life, his music and his fame.