The second story I got from NPR was from Europe. Manchester, England has a problem. Their 999 (the equivalent of a 911 call) line has been cluttered by a Jamaican-accented rapper who has called them repeatedly since January, 2009 with long-winded rap dissertations. He has called 999 over 3,000 times in the last 16 months.

The police’s predicament is that they have to treat every call as if it is real, so they are forced to listen to his ramblings in the event that he is reporting a real crime. They have caught on to his shenanigans over time, and now only listen to 2-3 minutes before hanging up. The police have tried to stop him by determining his phone number. However, after more than 50 different phone numbers have been blocked, this interesting individual keeps changing his cell phone.

The police have now tried a new method to catch this guy. They’ve released two of his ramblings to the general public hoping that someone in the area will help the cops nab the caller. However, it turns out that the section of Manchester where they believes the rapper lives does not trust police. Thus, they are unlikely to cooperate with the police efforts. The crime he would be guilty of is ‘wasting police time’.

I’m thinking, if they ever do catch him, the proper punishment would be to force him to make a rap take on ‘the boy who cried wolf’, which I guess he never had to read as a kid.