One of the most beautiful places in the country, Pensacola Beach, closed today due to the massive oil spill; the gift that keeps on giving. There’s now oil in the water and sand and people are not allowed into the once pristine waters of the Florida Gulf Coast. Governor Charlie Crist called it “disgusting.”

I can think of a few other adjectives that would describe it better. How about tragic, ridiculous, or maddening? Who’s to blame? Does it really matter? That always seems to be the bottom line in these situations; whose butt do we kick? Whose name gets drug through the mud? Who gets fired? Somebody simply needs to find a solution.

As the Pensacola beaches close, we’re no closer to an end to this travesty than we were some two months ago. BP seems clueless and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama is clueless. Governor Charlie Crist is clueless but of course he’ll play it up the middle so as not to alienate any possible voters. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has shown real leadership for his state but got no help whatsoever from Obama’s Administration.

Obama and Biden said this was the “summer of recovery.” It’s turning out to be anything but that. Most of what comes out of the White House these days is just wishful thinking. Pensacola beaches closing will have a devastating effect on Florida’s economy. Just like Obama’s moratorium on deep water drilling will decimate jobs in the gulf. The inaction of so many will lay waste to the economy and the way of life for so many in the Gulf Coast region.

Pensacola beaches closed today but what’s next? Panama City? Destin? How far will it go? How long will it last? When will the public finally say enough is enough? Day by day Obama’s legacy continues to wash up on shore; but in his case no amount of dredging or skimming will save it.