Jane Skinner, co-anchor of “Happening Now” on Fox News, is stepping down and leaving television. “It’s been a thrill to have been part of FNC’s success over the past 12 years.”, Skinner announced at the end of her broadcast today. “My talented co-workers have shown how hard work and a great attitude pays off. However, my life has changed significantly in those 12 years., in wonderful ways that have created new responsibilities. I added a husband who became the NFL Commissioner and who has a job even busier than mine, and twin daughters with lives even busier still. To do justice to this new life, I have decided to take a break from the business. I want to thank Roger Ailes for his understanding and for all the opportunities he has given me. I wish everyone at FNC continued success.”

In regards to her departure, Fox News Channel Chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes said, “jane is a talented journalist and has been a loyal employee who has risen to every challenge presented to her over the last 12 years. We respect her decision and she will always be a member of the Fox News family.”

Jane Skinner is the daughter of Sam Skinner, who was Secretary of Transportation and later White House Chief of Staff for George H. W. Bush. After graduating from Northwestern, she began her journalism career as a political reporter for KBJR in Duluth, MN. She worked for a variety of stations until winding up as a general reporter for WNBC-TV in New York. In 1998, Skinner left NBC and joined Fox News.

After a stint as a general assignment reporter, Jane worked her way up the food chain. Probably her big break at Fox News was producing a segment of her own, “Skinnerville”, which was a regular feature during Shepard Smith’s “Studio B” program. The segment always covered the oddest, and funniest material, ranging from quirky bloopers to zoo monkeys smoking cigarettes.

Jane Skinner went on to co-host “Happening Now”, a highly rated daytime news program in 2007. She also recently had a weekly segment during the highest-rated news program on cable, “The O’Reilly Factor” starring Bill O’Reilly. While she may have a right-slant politically, her reporting and commentary was generally very objective. She kept her private life fairly private, including her marriage to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall. Jane Skinner’s departure from Fox News is sad, but understandable and I wish her and her family well.