Given enough time just about every wacko liberal will tell us exactly how nuts they really are. Case in point. Sir Paul McCartney, ex-Beattle and Obama lover says that global warming skeptics, holocaust deniers are the same. Not only that, he said that disasters like the BP oil spill are “necessary” to show people that global warming is real; my question to the brilliant Paul McCartney is how exactly does an accidental oil spill show us that global climate change is in fact real?

McCartney, who recently told us all to “lay off” of Obama, thinks that those of us who don’t believe in manmade global warming should be lumped in with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad holocaust denier. Let’s examine that claim. First the holocaust which was perpetrated by the Nazi’s eliminated over 6 million Jews. The holocaust cost actual lives and scarred humankind for eternity. Global warming on the other hand seems to be only costing billions of dollars annually and making some folks extremely rich (see Al Gore).

How pathetically insensitive of someone claiming to be sensitive, comparing an atrocity like the holocaust to a hoax like global warming; please Mr. McCartney, we can’t take your brilliance for one more second. And by the way, when did Paul McCartney become an expert in the field of global climate change?

In an interview with The Sun, McCartney also went on a tangent about the “cruel slaughter” of whales. I suppose next the singer will be telling us all how the killing of whales is tantamount to the murder of the Jews during World War II.

Anyone, not just Paul McCartney, but anyone who compares global warming skepticism with denying the holocaust should apologize to the Jewish people. Not only that, but they should apologize to anyone who has been systematically targeted for extermination anywhere in the world at anytime.

Global warming and the holocaust are not comparable. They’re not in the same ballpark. It’s not even the same game. It’s time for those like Paul McCartney to be held accountable for extremely irresponsible statements such as these. A person with the audacity to say that climate change skeptics and holocaust deniers are the same or even similar only show their complete lack of understanding of just how horrible the holocaust was. Now, go write a song or something.