This is quickly becoming a year that the former VP would like to forget. First his separation from Tipper, rumors of an affair and now rumors of an outright Al Gore sex scandal. A Portland Massage therapist claims that the former VP wanted some “global warming” of a different kind during one of their sessions. The incident allegedly happened in October of 2006 while Gore was in town to speak about climate change.

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The unnamed woman has refused to cooperate completely with authorities claiming that she wouldn’t be taken seriously. The Portland authorities have looked into the case as recently as 2009.

The massage therapist initially made the Al Gore sex crime claim a few weeks after it had first happened. She said that she was working on the former VP’s abdomen when he insisted that she go lower. When she refused, Gore allegedly became like the Al Gore from the famous speech chastising President Bush. The woman then said later that Gore tried to have sex with her. She even called him a crazed sex poodle in in the official police statement which you can read here.

Strangely, after the case was seemingly dismissed in 2007, the woman came to authorities in 2009 insisting on making a statement. She met with the Portland Police victim assault unit and told them that she was the victim of Al Gore’s sexual advances. She told police that she still had clothing she wore from the incident but the clothing was never collected by police.

You can see the Portland Police report here. Another thing to remember is that this story was initially reported by the National Enquirer for whatever that’s worth.

Hard to say I believe this woman at all. But then again nothing these days surprises me. An Al Gore sex scandal wouldn’t be the strangest thing to happen with everything else going on with the former VP and climate change alarmist. He hasn’t been the same old Al since last year’s climategate controversy. Maybe he’s going through some sort of midlife crisis, just a little late. Gore hasn’t responded to the allegations.