Some things are not meant to be duplicated. For instance; there’s only one Elvis, don’t even try it. There was only one Ronald Reagan and as much as it pains me, there will never be another. There’s only one Naked Cowboy, thank God, but Sandy Kane, Naked Cowgirl is giving it a shot. Her act has earned the ire of John Robert Burck creating a Naked Cowgirl Naked Cowboy feud.

Sandy Kane And Louisa Holmlund play for tips in Times Square New York City, NY on June 23, 2010. Sandy Kane is currently being sued by another tourist attraction 'The Naked Cowboy' Robert Burck, who also owns the trademark to Louisa's 'Naked Cowgirl' and claims that Kane s act is identical to his own and infringes upon the Naked Cowboy s trademark. Fame Pictures, Inc

Burck has sent a cease and disest letter to Kane telling her to knock off being a knock off or he’ll drag her into court seeking damages in the amount of $150,000. Burck has been making money in Times Square as the Naked Cowboy for years; Sandy Kane, Naked Cowgirl, wants a piece of the action.

To be fair, as absurd as it may sound, Burck has a trademark on his Naked Cowboy brand. Kane began her act in Times Square a few years ago and Burck wants her to stop or enter into a “Naked Cowboy franchise agreement.” Only in America.

Sandy Kane, Naked Cowgirl, wouldn’t be the first Naked Cowgirl to enter into a franchise agreement with Burck. Believe it or not there’s another woman who goes by Naked Cowgirl who has entered into a binding agreement with the Naked Cowboy.

To see the Naked Cowgirl in all of her glory go here. To be honest I can’t imagine why John Robert Burck is so threatened by Sandy Kane. Something tells me the Naked Cowboy Naked Cowgirl feud may linger on long after the BP oil spill has been cleaned up.

It’s been a fairly wild year for the Naked Cowboy. He actually ran for Mayor dropping out in September and now comes the Naked Cowgirl feud. Sandy Kane should have a heart and just enter into the franchise agreement, it would probably be beneficial to all involved. Well, except for the poor tourists who happen upon Times Square.