Here is the full text of General Stanley McChrystal’s Rolling Stone magazine interview which you can now find online at the link in this article. The blockbuster interview has the good general in all sorts of hot water and the White House scrambling for what to do amid calls to fire McChrystal. Read the Rolling Stone article and tell us what you think in the comments.

McChrystal Rolling Stone

So will Obama fire McChrystal? Obama’s left flank filled with anti-war activists would very much like to see that happen. Stanley McChrystal has articulated a winning strategy in Afghanistan that has the military brass and troops all behind it. Anti-war Democrats see the McChrystal problem as an opportunity to submarine our effort in Afghanistan.

Such is how the Vietnam War ended, with defeat led by prodding liberals. Indeed one only needs a memory of two years to understand that the liberal left practically insisted on our defeat in Iraq but were thwarted by the successful surge strategy that General McCrystal is bringing to Afghanistan. Losing the war will be the certain consequence of firing General McChrystal.

McChrystal has been summoned back to Washington for a face-to-face meeting with the Security Council at the behest of Defense Secretary Bill Gates. Gates is not happy with McChrystal’s Rolling Stone interview having already issued a public rebuke lickety split.

You can read the Rolling Stone article online because Rolling Stone magazine wisely seized upon the publicity to …

release it early.

Click that link and you are there. This article will officially hit newsstands on Friday June 25th, 2010.

My guess is that Obama will stew on the General McChrystal problem as he slowly deliberates on all problems. He will ask subordinates to form opinions, make recommendations, and dither and dally as they always did in those faculty lounge meetings for which Obama is so familiar. Such is life under our nation’s first college professor president. Meanwhile White House Spokesman Gibbs triumphantly allows that “all options are on the table.”

In a more decisive president, McChrystal’s insubordination would be acted on quickly. Other would either give him a vote of confidence or fire him now. Even Harry Truman, who was weak at the time, fired MacArthur for similar challenges to the president’s authority. In the end I believe that the fire McChrystal crowd will win out so that Obama will save face. The country will be worse off for it. The decision will be cast as Obama having no choice but to fire the hero, but of course he does have a choice. The choice may indeed be between winning and losing in Afghanistan and the outcome rides entirely on Obama’s shoulders.

And yet this may simply be a case of General McChrystal speaking truth to power. He said that the president was unprepared for their first meeting. That rings probably true given that the president was engrossed in domestic affairs for the first year of his presidency. Obama seemed unwilling, and even uninterested, in making decisions about our Afghanistan commitment. Our president’s delay has cost the lives of hundred more Americans as the inattentiveness appears to be seizing defeat from the jaws of victory.

On that point McChrystal said that he is “disappointed” in Obama’s leadership on Afghanistan and grasp of the issues. We are all disappointed, something which has been covered and covered among pundits for two years.

View the video in the wake of the McChrystal Rolling Stone article and tell us what you think of the interview. And what should Obama do now?