Here is the hilarious video of Barack Obama playing golf while the oil spill gushes in the Gulf. See why others are laughing at our president’s athletic abilities and tell us what you think in the comments.

Obama golf

Our President is Not Athletic but Does it Matter?

The Obama golf video reminds us of the time he went bowling in Pennsylvania during the 2008 election campaign. On that historic day he threw five gutter balls in a row and was unable to break 50 (while sober no less). Obama’s handlers rushed him away from that event and tried to squash the news in the press.

Juxtapose that reality against the carefully crafted image that his handlers have created of Barack Obama’s sterling basketball skill. One wonders why only a select few still photographs have been released by the White House but no video image of the supposed player that Obama is trumpeted to be. View the golf video to gain a feel for what he looks like shooting hoops.

One desperately wants to be proud of our president. Golf isn’t everyone’s game to be sure, but for a man to play this badly will cause others to question his manhood. They are already saying that he swings worse than a young girl. The President does not need such distractions while crisis looms at home and abroad. We need a president to lead so for our leader to become a laughing stock is not good for our nation.

Our nation has a strong tradition of valuing athletics as one measure of a man. Among our most recent presidents, Ford, Bush and Reagan, JFK and Nixon were all capable athletes. Bill Clinton was a notable exception, and now we have Barack Obama.

Without further ado here is the Obama golfing video. Now tell us what you think of our President? Does one require testosterone in a president or is that old school thinking?

Obama Golf Video