Last night’s edition of “The Glenn Beck Show” on Fox News was another classic! Part of his ongoing “Crime Inc.” series, Beck focused on George Soros, billionaire money bag for numerous progressive organizations, including Media Matters and the Center for American Progress. Calling Soros “a spooky guy”, Glenn connected the dots between Soros, the Obama Administration, BP and the Brazilian oil company, PetroBras. A key element in this circle of activity are the brothers John and Tony Podesta.

Beck begins with how Soros began funding left-wing, progressive groups in 2003, namely the formation of the Center for American Progress (CAP) which is headed by John Podesta. Podesta is the former White House Chief of Staff during the later years of the Clinton Administration. In 1988, John and his brother Tony, founded a lobbying group, Podesta Associates Inc. More about them, later.

Following the election of Barack Obama, John Podesta got tapped to head Obama’s transition team, and had considerable influence in selecting cabinet and other key administration officials. His 2008 book, “The Power of Progress: How America’s Progressives Can (Once Again) Save Our Economy, Our Climate and Our Country” reads like a blueprint for the Obama agenda.

Meanwhile, George Soros is busy also. When he’s not promoting a “new world order” Soros invested in PetroBras, a leading oil company in Brazil engaged in off-shore, very deep drilling. Last year, just days after Soros increased his stake in PetroBras, the Obama Administration arranged for a $2 Billion dollar through the U.S. Export-Import Bank. At the time, Obama and the Democrats had a blanket ban on any new drilling off America’s coastlines. China also invested in PetroBras and the company soon became a-washed in cash after $60 Billion in new stock was issued in March of this year. Much to the pleasure of George Soros.

Beck then goes on to detail more interactions between the Obama Administration and CAP. He shows emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act where the White House requested advice from the Center for American Progress on issues, such as off shore drilling. Nearly every suggestion that the CAP has made since Obama took office has been acted upon.

Then Glenn gets to the BP oil spill. The CAP issued articles calling for Obama to not only shut down all drilling in the Gulf, but also to force BP to pay billions in advance of claims. Beck then raises an interesting connection. That BP is a main client of the lobbying group owned by John and Tony Podesta. Talk about making money from both ends of a crisis!

George Soros is benefiting, too. PetroBras is busy trying to rent the drilling platforms and equipment now idle in the Gulf of Mexico. I’m sure for a handsome discount, too! After all, everyday they remain idle costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, it is estimated that just the cost in unemployment for the now idle oil workers in the Gulf region could be as high as $330 Million per month. Naturally, Glenn Beck also raised the issue that the ‘scientific’ report used by the Obama Administration to justify their six-month moratorium on drilling was not so scientific. Eight of the scientists on the panel issuing the report now have said that the White House added material after they had signed it and that they, the scientists, never recommended a six-month moratorium.

So, once again, Glenn Beck, who is not a journalist, is doing what ‘journalists’ are not doing. Getting at the facts. George Soros is only one of many players in Beck’s “Crime Inc.” story. Another interesting connection is that Tony Podesta also lobbies for NBC-Universal, which is part of General Electric, who stands to benefit greatly from the Obama Administration’s ‘Green Agenda”. The FCC has yet to approve the sale of NBC to Comcast, but in the meanwhile, the propaganda from the peacock network continues to flow.