President Obama’s second nominee to the Supreme Court will likely make it through, but not without a little theatrics. Some say the process has been, how should we say, a little less than transparent. That could lead to a GOP boycott; Kagan’s hearing is scheduled to begin in one week.


Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala) says that 1,600 documents from Kagan’s time as a senior aide under Bill Clinton have not been released to the Judiciary Committee. Sessions serves as the ranking Republican on the committee.

Critics of the Administration say that there seems to be a rush on Kagan’s confirmation. Kagan would take the place of retiring Associate Justice John Paul Stevens who is retiring.

Nervousness about Elena Kagan abounds, with very little to review in the way of actual rulings since she has never served as a judge and thus never made rulings on cases. The fact that thousands of documents are being withheld leaves some on the Republican side a little uneasy.

I don’t think we’re talking about an outright filibuster of Kagan’s nomination but Sessions alludes to a possible GOP boycott. Kagan’s hearing begins June 28 without the additional 1600 documents that Sessions and the GOP have requested.

Sessions wonders if Kagan’s involvement during the Clinton impeachment is why those documents are not being released. Hard to say, but when you have this current Administration thrown in with that of Bill Clinton’s anything is possible.