One Arizona Senator that wants to stop the border invasion out there says that President Barack Obama will not do so unless he gets comprehensive immigration reform. That means amnesty. Allegedly, Jon Kyl, Obama met in the oval office where the President told the Senator that no border security would happen unless he gets immigration reform. Is Obama holding the border hostage?

480px Jon Kyl  official 109th Congress photo

Let’s not be too surprised about this; it’s basically what we’ve always known anyway. It’s not like Kyl told us that Obama admitted to him about his dream of a Marxist utopia. To be fair, the Republican Administration before didn’t do much to secure the border either. Both parties have a political agenda which they put ahead of the security of the United States.

But here’s the thing. Did the Jon Kyl Obama meeting take place as he says? In the video, which you can see below, Kyl says that there was no one else in the oval office. Just he and Obama; my guess is the White House will surely deny this took place or at least say that Kyl is mistaken about the substance of the meeting.

If Obama is holding the border hostage, it’s the greatest example of Chicago style, thug politics to date. Well except for maybe the healthcare debacle or the BP shakedown. Okay, he’s adding to his list daily. If the Jon Kyl Obama meeting took place and Obama did say this, then he’s just effectively sealed the fate of democrats where immigration is a huge issue. And Republicans won’t let people forget in 2012 when he’s officially on the ballot. It’s hard to imagine that folks will forgive Barack Obama holding the border hostage as if it were some cheap political token to be bargained with.