You know the old adage about truth being stranger than fiction? Here’s a good example. In Providence, Rhode Island, an 8 year old boy’s toy soldier hat was banned. Toy soldiers adorned the child’s hat, he wanted to honor our soldiers and show patriotism but the school said the toy soldier hat violated the school’s zero tolerance weapons policy.

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Yes, I’m talking about the little green soldiers that are molded into a fixed position; and yes, these are the same soldiers who carry weapons. That’s what soldiers do after all. David Morales is the unfortunate student who decided to decorate his hat with toy soldiers in honor of meeting pen pals from another school; another school with probably the same ridiculous policy.

A zero tolerance weapons policy in a public school is a good thing. On the other hand, total lack of common sense isn’t. A toy soldier hat banned because the tiny green soldiers carry weapons is a total lack of common sense no matter how you try to justify it.

The mother of the young boy, Christian Morales, says that the child’s teacher called and told her the hat wasn’t appropriate. The only real way you could be harmed by these little green menaces is if you swallowed one, but I suppose some bureaucrat somewhere has written a policy manual that includes the prohibition of eating toy soldiers, so that should be covered.

As the world burns, the gulf coast is embroiled in an environmental emergency, the southern border is on fire, Iran and North Korea obtain nukes, financial systems everywhere collapse, Barack Obama gives a speech and we’ll take part in a toy soldier hat ban for violating a weapons policy.

Congratulations Providence, you’ve now joined the ever growing list of cities rich with bureaucratic nonsense and below the poverty level in common sense. Your toy soldier hat ban which you say violates a zero tolerance weapons policy only serves to inform the rest of us of your intellectual deficiency.