So here we are at Day 60 of the BP oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. What have we learned, if anything, this past week, this past month, or even these past two months? At yesterday’s hearings in Congress, Texas Representative Joe Barton apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward for being subjected to a “shakedown” by President Obama. If the rumors are correct, it may have been Vice President Joe Biden who actually put it bluntly to the BP executives that either you give us the $20 Billion or we’ll just take it. But as we are now just two days shy of Obama’s eighteenth month in office, the real lesson is that Hillary Clinton was right when she made her famous ‘3am phone call’ ad.

Lampooned by “Saturday Night Live”, it’s plain to see that Obama does not handle emergencies well. The “SNL” skit shows Hillary getting a call from Obama at 3am because he’s all wigged out over some crisis caused by the North Koreans. Hillary calmly tells him what to do.

President Obama has mishandled the oil spill from Day One. Even by Day 50 he’s barely getting a grip on the situation. Granted, there was little he could do, even today, in regards to stopping the oil spewing out from the one-mile deep well head. But Obama has blown nearly every decision making opportunity to get the spill containment, coast line protection and clean-up aspects of the crisis under control.

Requests to build sand berms were delayed for weeks, then only a portion were authorized. Containment booms, fire booms, and skimming equipment has not been deployed in an effective manner. Assistance from other countries with such equipment and expertise was rejected. Even the clean up efforts along the shore lines has been uncoordinated at best. While BP is responsible and should certainly pay for all of these operations, the Obama Administration could have acted more directly and forcefully in reducing the impact of the oil spill on the wildlife and citizens of the Gulf region.

Another thing we learned this week is that our old friend, Jamie Gorelick is once again on the scene like a bad penny. She was the former deputy attorney general of the Justice Department under Bill Clinton, who created the legal barrier between the FBI and CIA from sharing information about terrorists, including al Qaeda and the 9/11 hijackers. After leaving that job, she then got a gig with Fannie Mae, and was part of the executive machinery there that inflated their books, and bonus pay, buying up all those wonderful subprime mortgage loans which led to the housing crash and then the financial meltdown of 2008. Her latest job now is with the Wilmerhale law firm and guess what? She’s representing none other than BP! What a small world! Had she been alive at the time, she probably would have been the general counsel for Der Ahckme Zeppelin Company that built the Hindenburg! At every major disaster, her fingerprints are there.

So, here we are at Day 60 of the BP oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. Just two days shy of Obama’s 18th month in office. Who would you want to answer the crisis phone call at 3am? Barack Obama? Joe Biden? Joe Barton? Tony Hayward? How about Jamie Gorelick? I think I have to go with Hillary Clinton. I may not agree with her on policies, but at least she could remain calm and maybe make a key decision in a timely fashion. I doubt if it would have taken Hillary three months to choose what dog to buy for Chelsea. Even Richard Nixon was impressed by Hillary, writing that she was one of the coldest, scariest people he’s ever met. That’s the exactly the sort of person we want to be president. Decisive, cold-blooded and scary! Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Hillary play golf, either.