And the hits just keep coming with this Administration. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an interview with a Latino reporter from Ecuador, said that the Justice Department under the direction of the President plan to sue Arizona over its immigration law. Why on Earth, besides the obvious, would Obama sue Arizona?

In the interview, Clinton said that Obama believes that the federal government should “be determining immigration policy.” Never mind that the Arizona law isn’t in any way determining immigration “policy.” The law simply allows for Arizona authorities to detain those in violation of federal immigration laws. But let’s not let a few facts get in the way. Let’s explore that notion for a moment.

Even though the federal government is empowered under Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution to “establish a uniform rule of naturalization”, it in no way diminishes the right of a single state to enforce said rule as it sees fit. Arizona has not usurped federal authority of establishing naturalization; they have simply established a set of guidelines to enforce the law.

Why will Obama sue Arizona? Because he’s a statist who believes that the federal government is the be all end all for everything. The federal government is operated in Washington D.C., far away from the border invasion going on in Arizona. Who better than Arizonans to combat their problem?

Remember, as Obama sues Arizona, he seems to be confusing the right of the federal government to determine naturalization and a States right to enforce their own laws. Governor Jan Brewer and Arizona will not be deciding on their own who is allowed into the United States, they will be enforcing already established federal laws. Since Obama and the feds won’t enforce federal immigration law, maybe the question should be will Arizona sue Obama? Looks like this was just for show after all.