New Orleans authorities caught up with Bobbi Finley, “Military Mistress” when she opted to walk out on her $240 dollar bill at a Bourbon Street restaurant. Finley is suspected of bilking 40 service members of their life savings as well as marrying 9 of the unsuspecting soldiers.

The servicemen only found out that they had been had by the “Military Mistress” after they were overseas and she cleaned out their bank accounts. One can only speculate as to what sort of power this woman had over 40 different men. We’re not talking about Megan Fox here.

Bobbi Finley, in an effort to clear her name, walked into an Alabama TV station to grant an interview. In the interview which you can see below, Finley says that she was used as much as she used. Gentlemen duck and cover, she’s attracted to the all-American, clean cut type.

The “Military Mistress” has nine children; she’s given all but two up for adoption. For whatever reason, this woman stole money and trust from unsuspecting soldiers who were off serving their country. She told the Alabama station that she was on her way to Washington State to turn herself in. She didn’t make it. She was picked up in Louisiana for not paying her tab.