No “Sausage and Booze” parties, not in Paris. Pork street parties are not going to be tolerated in the Goutte-d’Or neighborhood of Paris which has a large Muslim population. Organizers of the party had planned to serve pork and alcoholic beverages (both forbidden in Islam) to protest the encroachment of Muslims on traditional French values. I didn’t know there was such a thing as traditional French values.

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In this particular neighborhood, Muslims pray on the streets for lack of mosques. Maybe they should move to ground zero to alleviate that problem. The Pork street party was viewed by some as a provocation against the Muslim community in Paris.

A French rights group called SOS Racisme said that the planned party was a “flagrant call for hatred.” Muslim groups had planned a counter party where a traditional Muslim food like halal would be served. Both parties have been cancelled by local authorities.

A woman named Sylvie Francois had organized and planned the Paris pork street party on Facebook; she says that the “Sausage and Booze” party was designed to show her “exasperation” with the influx of Muslims in Paris.

So what do you think about the Paris pork street party? Is it just a matter of free expression or a way to provoke the Muslim community to violence? I know some of the readers of this site probably partake in “Sausage and Booze” parties, you know who you are.