This probably won’t end well. Sometimes your words come back to haunt you, over and over. This story will probably be the undoing of Rep. Steve King. “Obama favors black people” was the accusation or observation (depending on how you view it) made by the Congressman on the G. Gordon Liddy show.

473px Steve King  official Congressional photo portrait

In the interview with Liddy, King said that he was offended by Eric Holder and Barack Obama. He referenced Holder’s comments about white people in America being cowards when it comes to race. He then spoke about Obama jumping into the fray when his buddy Professor Skip Gates was arrested by a white officer in Cambridge.

King said that Obama has a “default” mechanism that automatically falls onto the side of the black person in any given circumstance. He used the incident with officer Crowley as an example then went on to say that Holder and Obama refused to investigate ACORN and the Black Panther thugs in Philadelphia on election day 2008 who were accused of intimidating voters.

As said by Steve King, “Obama favors black people” doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter. The examples used by the Iowa Congressman are not at all inaccurate. Obama does refuse to investigate ACORN despite a slew of evidence showing corruption within the organization. Holder did stop the investigation into the Black Panther incident on Election Day 2008. Obama did screw up in the Skip Gates debacle. And let me throw in Jeremiah Wright for good measure. But was it race that was the ultimate factor. I don’t think so.

Obama is a leftist socialist and will do whatever it takes to make the American people think he’s otherwise. His ties to ACORN and other groups like that if brought to light, and I mean real light, would probably bring his Presidency down or at least fatally wound it. ACORN is corrupt, black or white. The Black Panthers would be just as ridiculous if they were called the White Panthers. Jeremiah Wright is as racist as they come and he’s black.

Had the Black Panthers been convicted of voter intimidation in such an in your face way it would have cast some measure of doubt on the outcome of the election. More questions would have been asked. Did it happen elsewhere? Steve King’s “Obama favors black people” had the right sentiment behind it, just the wrong choice of words.

Steve King stands by his statement. He’s refusing to apologize and says that it’s the White House that needs to answer questions. I couldn’t agree more, I’m just not sure that making everything an argument about race helps anyone out at all. Make the argument about corruption, about special political favors for certain groups (ACORN, SEIU, etc.), about adhering to a certain doctrine that is contrary to American exceptionalism, that’s an argument you can win. “Obama favors black people” isn’t one that can be won.