With President Obama, it’s one step forward and like three steps back with this guy. He finally decides to go to the gulf and act like he gives a rip and what happens? Obama’s “Bushwacker” happens. A Bushwacker is a drink made with dark rum, coconut cream, crème de cacao, half and half, and coffee liquer; sounds good but Obama’s advisors should have advised him against ordering it.

I’m sure for Obama, “Bushwacker”, being drink of choice for him was purely a coincidence. I doubt it had anything to do with the fact that after a year and a half he’s still blaming his predecessor for just about every major hurdle he has. But with all the bad press he’s had lately, you’d think Axelrod and the boys would be more on top of things than this.

While visiting “Tacky Jack’s” (appropriate name) in Orange Beach, Alabama, Obama’s “Bushwacker” was no doubt cool and refreshing. But with the first sip surely he thought he’d been better off just ordering a brew. Too little, too late; now the picture is on Drudge and every conservative blog worth its salt is writing up some variation or another as to why Obama picked the “Bushwacker.”

Was it some sort of Freudian dig at the 43rd President? Or does number 44 really dig the “Bushwacker?” Obama needs better PR people, that’s for sure. Hey, here’s an idea for all who read and care to participate; let’s all have a “Bushwacker” and then report back as to whether it’s worth it or not. Just a thought.

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