The new issue of “Star” reports the cause of the breakup between Al and Tipper Gore may have been an alleged affair with Laurie David, ex-wife of “Seinfeld” creator, Larry David. “Star” claims their sources say the affair began in 2007. The two “went from friends to lovers” and “it couldn’t be avoided”. The June 28 issue goes on sale Wednesday.

Laurie and Larry David divorced in 2007 amid stories of Laurie having an affair with a caretaker of the couple’s residence on Martha’s Vineyard. The Davids and Gores were photographed together in 2006 at the premiere of Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”. Laurie David worked with Al Gore as a producer of the film. She is well known in the ‘green’ community as an advocate for supporting global warming positions.

Al and Tipper Gore separated recently, ending their 40-year marriage. There have been many rumors of affairs concerning Al Gore. “The National Enquirer” claims that Tipper was becoming increasingly suspicious, accusing Al Gore of having affairs regularly. In 2001, Tipper suspected Al of having an affair with his first love, Donna Armistead, which he denied. More recently, Tipper accused him of having an affair with a Tennessee Titans cheerleader. “The Globe” magazine goes even further, claiming Al Gore ‘switched teams’. Today’s story from “Star” magazine of Al Gore having an affair with Laurie David, ex-wife of Larry David, may prove to be the truth.