I suppose we could have just let this one slip by without comment, but looking at some of the stupid excuses for Nancy Pelosi’s $18,000 dollar a month San Francisco office, I just couldn’t. It should surprise none of us that Madame Speaker Pelosi forks out $18, 736 a month for a ritzy office space in San Francisco, the most for anyone in congress by a whopping $8,000 dollars. She’s all about the little people, you know.

When I read the original story in Roll Call about Pelosi’s $18,000 dollar a month San Francisco office I chalked it up to business as usual and nothing new to see here. Then here comes the excuses. Pelosi’s office, when asked about the exorbitant price tag for the speaker’s new digs, said that security was a concern and that the old office space was not sufficient to meet the needs of San Franciscans.

Evidently security wasn’t a major concern; hasn’t Nancy Pelosi been speaker since January of 2007? Why now, three and a half years later, decide to move into an $18,000 a month office space using security concerns as the reason. Pelosi Press Secretary Drew Hammill says that as speaker the security needs are different; just not apparently in the first 3 ½ years.

Pelosi’s San Francisco office has an award winning “green design” that saves taxpayers on utility costs. I’m sure that means a lot to the environmentalists that help elect her every two years, it just doesn’t mean that much to me. Nancy Pelosi’s $18,000 a month San Francisco office is a clear illustration of humility and servitude. The people of San Francisco are lucky to have her (for those who don’t recognize, that was sarcasm).

I think it boils down to this. Nancy Pelosi’s $18,000 a month San Francisco office really helps you understand just exactly what she’s thinking about November’s elections. She could lose the excuse of being speaker in several months so she needs to get hers while she can.

Let us know what you think about Madame Pelosi’s outlandish digs, are we making a big deal about nothing or is there something to the argument about less being more. Heck even the libs think it’s ridiculous.