Will the World Cup governing body institute a vuvuzela ban? Hard to say, but the 3ft. long noise makers have already taken over the storyline of this year’s tournament and it appears they’ll continue to make noise (no pun intended).

The vuvuzela is very popular in South Africa, the host country for the 2010 World Cup, but fans of all nationalities have taken up with the vuvuzela. Banning the instrument might give casual observers and those playing some noise relief, but hard core “football” fans may not take to kindly to an all out ban of the instrument.

Broadcasters of the games say the noise is so intense that it’s actually drowning out commentary. As if we’re hanging on every word some guy with an English accent has to say during 60+ minutes with no goals scored.

Another worry and possible reason for the vuvuzela ban is the real possibility of the loud noise causing hearing loss. This seems to be a legitimate concern but I’m guessing the real reason is just overall annoyance at the loudness.

Other concerns listed include the inability of fans to hear emergency announcements and evacuation procedures, and this one is a real stretch, spreading cold and flu viruses on a greater scale. Please. We’re talking about soccer fans here, excuse me, “football” fans. These people stampede and riot at the drop of a hat; do you think they’d let the threat of a cold stop them from blowing their vuvuzela’s?

It’s for that reason that the World Cup organizing committee won’t go with an all out vuvuzela ban. Maybe they’ll put some restrictions in place, I think they’ve tried it to some degree, but banning vuvuzela’s would take stones of immense proportions.