In the musical play, “1776”, the Ben Franklin character sings, “I won’t put politics on paper, it’s a mania! So I refuse to use the pen in Pennsylvania!” Well, in North Carolina, businessman and author Mike Cullen is not so bashful. Nor is the title of his upcoming book, “Whiny Little Bitch: The Excuse-Filled Presidency of Barack Obama”. Though, I suppose, it depends on the meaning of the word ‘bashful’.

whiny little bitch medium

“Whiny Little Bitch” (“WLB”) is, as Mr. Cullen writes, “It’s my attempt to bring civility back to political discourse – and I failed.” Don’t be so hard on yourself, Mike. We can only work with the material we have at hand. The material “WLB” covers are the first fifteen months of the Obama presidency. One may ask how anyone can write a book about the first fifteen months of a presidency? But then again, let us keep in mind that Barack Obama has led such an interesting life that he felt compelled to provide the world with an autobiography at the tender age of 34. Even though he really hadn’t done anything at that point, other than hanging out with former terrorists, joining a radical church and socializing with Socialist professors, structural feminists and punk rock poets.

Mr. Cullen’s book breaks down the Obama presidency into eighteen chapters, each focusing on a particular aspect. Such as foreign relation gaffs, the lack of transparency, the health care boondoggle, the stimulus boondoggle, etc. Mike Cullen asks the question most of us rational people have: “How could the American people elect a guy with less executive experience than their local dry cleaner?”

In “WLB”, Cullen takes us down the road of psychology, probing the inner workings of the mind of Barack Obama. Cullen writes, “The combination of his balloon-sized ego and childish whining created an irresistible target.” He makes no bones about the lack of maturity, and of leadership, displayed regularly in Obama’s endless complaints about the Media, spin doctors, bloggers, those crazy American who cling to their guns and religion, and, of course, the previous administration.

For those of us who have not been in some cryogenic-sleep experiment or buried in a mine shaft for the last couple years, there really is no new news or information in Cullen’s book. However, for those newly awakened, who are trying to get a handle on what has been going on, “WLB” is a terrific primer. I especially liked Cullen’s “Obama By The Numbers” at the end of the book, listing the president’s many achievements:

Number of law papers written by Barack Obama as president of the Harvard Law Review…, 1 Unsigned

Number of bills Obama wrote, or co-wrote, that became law while as a U.S. Senator…, 2

Number of Days in Office as President before being nominated, and eventually winning, the Noble Peace Prize…, 12 days

Number of rounds of golf played by Obama in his first fifteen months as president…, 32 (compared to George W. Bush, who only played 24 rounds of golf during all eight years.)

Yes, it’s been a busy fifteen months for President Obama. Author Mike Cullen’s new book, “Whiny Little Bitch” covers it all in snarky detail. The book is set to be released on June 29 for the popular price of only $14.95. Pre-orders may be placed through or directly from the publisher, Quite Right Books.