President Barack Obama still seems to have issues with the American flag. At his latest press conference from the White House, they were mysteriously absent. One would think, given that he has not held a genuine press conference in some 10 months, that his staff would have set the stage properly. Perhaps all the flags were out being dry cleaned that day?

As you may recall, during his presidential campaign in 2008, Senator Obama made it an issue not to wear a lapel pin of the United States flag. He answered critics during the Democrat primaries that he would not demonstrate any false patriotism.

Well, here we are, nearly 18 months into his historic presidency and what do we find. True, he is actually wearing a lapel pin of the American flag, as he had since the general campaign in 2008. But no flags in the background. Where are they? What excuse will we get this time? Did George Bush and Dick Cheney steal them all?

It’s bad enough that Barack Obama has turned the Gulf oil spill from a national disaster into an international incident. His criticism over BP paying dividends to it’s shareholders, of which include one-sixth of the population of the UK, mostly elderly men and women, has ruffled the feathers of British politicians. His rejection of assistance from the Dutch who offered their entire fleet of skimmers and boom equipment on Day 3, which could have made a significant difference in containing the spill, just to protect union jobs with the Jones Act.

Now this. No American flags at President Obama’s only press conference in ten months. Why? That’s what I would like to know? Is his staff that dumb? Were they too busy insulting our allies? Or were they too busy putting the boot to the throat of somebody and looking to kick someone’s ass?