In an appearance on the Today Show, Kayla Manson, a 13 year old being accused as an accomplice to attempted murder, caught Meredith Vieira by surprise when she dropped the ‘C’ bomb. Kayla Manson told Vieira that she saw the text messages where her boyfriend called her friend, Josie Ratley, a “c*nt.” She said it twice, Vieira responded by saying, “We just have to be careful with our language, but that’s alright sweetheart.”

A few days ago, on the same show, President Obama declared that he was looking for an “ass to kick.” But there was not a word from Matt Lauer to the President about being careful with his language. Did Kayla Manson, Today Show appearance ahead of her, see Obama’s performance and thus mistakenly believe that profanity was acceptable on the Today Show?

Is there a double standard being applied by Lauer and Vieira on the Today Show? Kayla Manson, just 13, surely knew that dropping the ‘C’ bomb was not appropriate. But of course, Vieira’s line of questioning led her directly into her use of the word “c*nt.” Obama was a victim of a leading question as well. Lauer asked the President, who should have known better, about kicking butt. Obama upped the ante by upgrading butt to ass. But only one of those being interviewed was “reprimanded” at all, Kayla Manson. Watch Kayla Manson Today Show interview here.

Of course we don’t know what happened after the camera stopped rolling in the Lauer Obama interview. Matt Lauer may have told President Obama, “We just have to be careful with our language, but that’s alright sweetheart.” It’s very likely that that happened. Kayla Manson’s Today Show appearance proves that once again, Obama’s influence transcends politics. 13 year old girls must understand though, you’re not President Obama; do what he says, not what he does. At least now we know what to expect from the Today Show.