For decades now, a number of people have called for English-only education. The concept is based on the premise that it is much easier for a child to eventually integrate herself into American society if she learns to speak, read, and write English as well as those for whom English is the first language.

For a number of reasons, these people have thus far been unsuccessful generally in achieving their goals. However, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel.,, and, as usual, the first steps occur in the world of sports. The organization that runs the World Cup, FIFA, has apparently mandated that all referees should learn all of the curse words in English, but in no other language. So FIFA has put in place a Berlitz-style training that concentrates on only English curse words. Thus, athletes who opt to curse in English are more likely to be punished than those who choose to curse in Italian (choosing a language in which I am sort of proficient at cursing, but remember absolutely nothing else about, thanks papa).

I assume that a renowned commenter on this site, micky, has already been interviewed to conduct the training sessions. Good luck, micky, in your new career.