A goat speared Weiner. Now that I have your attention; New York Congressman Anthony Weiner was gored by a feisty goat while Weiner’s goat press conference was in process. Weiner, goat speared on the hand, was otherwise unhurt in the incident.

Congressman Weiner has had it tough of late; being in a somewhat public spat with Glenn Beck over being a Goldline pitchman and having conservatives of all stripes ask the question, “Where is Anthony Weiner?” He was obviously not training for goat duty.

The Congressman from New York was holding a press conference about the mohair goat industry when one of the mohair goats gored Weiner on the hand. I suppose he should thank his lucky stars that the goat speared Weiner on the hand and not elsewhere. The possibilities are endless for the stories that “could” have been written.

The goats were named Lancelot and Arthur; the culprit in the Anthony Weiner goat spearing is not clear. My bet would be Lancelot. Wasn’t he the brave knight that always got the girl?

During the press conference in which the goat speared Weiner, Weiner and GOP Congressman Jason Chaffetz complained about the $1 million dollars in subsidies to the mohair goat industry. Weiner even swore off wearing wool until the mohair subsidy is removed from an agricultural appropriations bill in the House of Representatives. I hate to point out to the Congressman, but swearing off wool in June is like swearing of swimming in January in Minnesota. But I’ll cut him some slack. After all, a goat speared Weiner.