Appearing on the Rush Limbaugh program with guest host Mark Beling, Republican Senate Candidate Sharron Angle dubbed Harry Reid, Obama’s whisperer. As the interview progressed, Angle referred to Reid as Obama’s whisperer several times; suggesting that Reid has more influence on policy than some would think.

Angle defeated Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkanian on Tuesday night for the right to take on Reid in November’s general election. Some analysts believe that Sharron Angle is the weakest of the three candidates to take on Reid due to her Tea Party support. She holds a few of the more “radical” views on issues when compared to the others.

For instance, Angle is for abolishing the Department of Education, revamping in a major way the IRS and other forms of deregulation. Not really that bad when you think about it; but the media is off and running trying to paint her as an “extremist.”

The bottom line for the candidacy of Sharron Angle is this; can she beat Harry Reid, Obama whisperer? I think she can. Democrats and liberals across the country are “misunderestimating” the disdain that common, everyday Americans have for the likes of Harry Reid. Sharron Angle is refreshing and new and she holds these truths to be self-evident. It would be wise of her opponents not to push her aside and take for granted the passion that runs deep nationwide for stopping the Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama train of big government and socialist policies.

As pointed out by Sharron Angle, Harry Reid Obama Whisperer is the face of this current Congress that America has little use for. It’s true that the people of Nevada will ultimately decide who returns to the Senate in January; either Harry Reid for his 5th term or Sharron Angle who will have a fresh perspective on how things should be run in Washington. I can’t vote in Nevada, but I just finished doing what I hope a lot of you out there will do. I wrote a check. Good luck to Sharron Angle, Harry Reid Obama whisperer needs to whisper no more.