Last night, the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in dramatic fashion with an over-time goal by Patrick Kane. Stan Bowman, son of hockey legend Scotty Bowman, managed the team it it’s first championship season since 1961. Since the BP oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico began 52 days ago, President Barack Obama was entertained rock stars, movie stars, and sports stars. Being that Chicago is Obama’s adopted hometown, will he now be calling Patrick Kane to congratulate him? Why has Obama not spoken once yet with Tony Hayward, CEO of BP?

In the past week, Obama was been forced under criticism to show more interest in the oil spill. After a silly photo-op two weeks ago where Obama played with tar balls while wearing dress slacks, he dressed down during his last visit to resemble a normal working man. After Spike Lee criticized Obama for not showing any emotion, the President went on NBC’s “Today Show” to talk tough about “…knowing who’s ass to kick.”

President Obama, who was highly critical of the Bush administration’s handling of the Katrina Hurricane disaster, has been three steps behind all along during the oil spill crisis. His routine parties and golf outings, as well as attending a BBQ party and watching a Stanley Cup hockey game have not been altered. He’s even done his usual photo-ops of playing basketball on his private, White House court.

Obama stepped up the rhetoric in the last week, calling on BP not to honor it’s dividend obligations to shareholders. He had the Federal government send BP a bill for $62 Million dollars for clean-up costs. A drop in the bucket compared to the $1.5 Billion BP has already spent on efforts to cap the well and clean the oil spill. Then Obama stated that if Tony Hayward were working for him, Obama would fire him. Obama likes firing CEOs, which he’s already done to GM. He then was critical of Hayward spending $50 million on their latest apologetic TV ad, while Obama allowed GM to spend far more on ads claiming they paid back their loans, which was not entirely true, and hundred of millions of taxpayer dollars on TV ads for the U.S. Census and his health care initiative.

Meanwhile, Tony Hayward is holding BP together as many stockholders fear the company will go bankrupt. BP has even made significant progress in securing a cap on the well and has begun reducing the flow of the oil spill by 50% or more. The corporation has worked with Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) in getting sand berms, oil booms and other skimmers and barriers deployed. Despite delays caused by the Federal government, there are hopeful signs that we may be reaching a turning point in saving the Gulf coast.

Now, I do not begrudge President Obama some excitement in calling Patrick Kane and congratulating him on the Chicago Blackhawk win of the Stanley Cup. Being a hockey fan myself, and fortunate to have enjoyed the many wins of the Cup by the Detroit Red Wings over the last couple decades, I’m happy to see an ‘Original Six’ team win. I have fond memories of watching Blackhawk greats like Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita playing. The Stanley Cup is the best and coolest award in all of professional sports. Just the fact that the players and team staff get to have fun with it all summer is something no other sport trophy can claim. People have taken the Stanley Cup fishing, to weddings, let their children eat cereal out of it. Lord Stanley’s Cup is rich in history and human antidotes. I’m sure the Chicago Blackhawks will take the Stanley Cup to the White House and President Obama will get a nice photo op with it, and I’m fine that. But, for goodness sakes, pick up the phone and call Tony Hayward!