The Democratic Party knew that it didn’t have much chance to defeat Jim DeMint, incumbent Republican who is an icon to both the Tea Party and the Republican establishment in the state. So, they decided to not waste much money getting out the vote for their preferred candidate. After all, he only faced token opposition from someone who nobody ever heard of, and who didn’t have any campaign ads, Alvin Greene. Well, you guessed it, on Tuesday Greene won.

Then, yesterday, the Associated Press decided to find out more about Greene. It turns out he is an unemployed veteran, which is fine. A lot of people are out of work right now. Then, with a little more digging they found out an interesting footnote. It turns out that, allegedly, a 19 year old coed sat down in a computer lab in the cubicle next to Greene’s. He asked her to look at his computer, which revealed a pornographic website. Believing he had gathered her interest, Greene allegedly asked her to go to her room with him. Unfortunately for Greene, he apparently misread her signals, since she then called the police and had him arrested for felony obscenity charges. When asked if, given these charges, he would drop out of the race, Greene had an interesting take. He replied, ‘The people have spoken. We need to be pro-South Carolina, not anti-Greene.“

When trying to analyze how Greene could have won, an anonymous party official said that it might be because Greene’s name was first on the ballot; apparently Democratic voters would be easy targets for Ahmadinejad, if he chooses to relocate and run for public office.