President Obama, Mahmoud Abbas met at the White House today. The result was the President writing another check that his (insert favorite expletive of Obama’s) can’t cash. A $400 million dollar Palestinian aid package was the result of the Obama, Abbas meeting. I’m not really sure this is such a good idea given the high tensions between Israel, Palestine and the Administration after last week’s flotilla incident.

Barack Obama meets with Mahmoud Abbas in the Oval Office 2009 05 28 1

Obama gave the standard democrat answer saying the money would go to housing and schools. The cynic in me thinks that a good portion of this particular $400 million dollar Palestinian aid package, as well as others, will go to Hamas and their endeavors in terrorism.

Given the fact that Obama has been less than cordial to Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, the Obama, Abbas meeting is just another slap in the face to the Jewish community. Israel is still America’s closest ally in the region and perhaps the world with much support from the American citizenry.

Along with promising our money to Gaza, Obama publically asked for the Israeli’s to loosen restrictions of their blockade of Gaza so humanitarian aid can go through. I suppose it’s Israel’s fault that Obama promised $400 million dollars in Palestinian aid. Those of us criticizing monetary aid to Palestine have only the Zionist regime of Israel to thank. Nice try Mr. Obama. Abbas demanded that the blockade be totally lifted, I presume to make it easier for sympathizers to smuggle weapons into Gaza for “peaceful humanitarian” purposes.

Since Obama doesn’t really have an answer for anything, he did what most democrats and liberals do in his situation, he threw money at the problem. Instead of committing outright support of Abbas and Palestine, Obama promised a $400 million dollar Palestinian aid package that we can’t afford. But at least our money will only be used for housing and schools. We can stipulate that can’t we?