Western Civilization has a new champion, maybe, in singer/artist Katy Perry! Perry has made a critical statement in regards to the new musical-video from singer/artist, Lady Gaga, called “Alejandro”. Lady Gaga appears dressed in an ultra-skin-tight vinyl nun outfit with a crucifix over her ‘unmentionable’. The video also includes Lady Gaga prancing about with other dancers, depicting some form of a lesbian orgy. Perry believes that the religious angle was uncalled for. Yesterday, Katy Perry tweeted, “Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.”

Some would say that Lady Gaga is paying a form of homage to Madonna, who’s “Like A Prayer” seems extremely tame compared to today’s music. Others would question Katy Perry’s morality following her latest music video, “California Gurls”, where her cupcake-breasts squirt frosting! Oddly enough, both ‘ladies’ had religious upbringings. Perry began her singing career in Christian music and both her mother and father are pastors. Lady Gaga was raised as a Catholic and attended Catholic schools.

Katy Perry apparently has no problem with the lesbian aspects of the new Lady Gaga video. Just the misuse of religious symbols. What is perhaps most disturbing is that young, preteen girls across America, indeed, across the World, will be busying spending their parents money on the music and paraphernalia being schlepped by these two ‘artistes’. So take your pick as to which is more vile: anatomically misused crucifixes or anatomically misused cupcakes squirting frosting?