Last night was indeed a good one for the ladies. Twelve states held primary and run-offs for the 2010 elections, with several high-profile women taking the spotlight in these races. In Arkansas, Senator Blanche Lincoln defeated an aggressive challenge from Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Despite support from unions and the Far-Left, he was unable to top Lincoln, who will now face Republican Congressman John Boozman in November. In Nevada, Sharron Angle beat both Sue Lowdon and Danny Tarkanian. All three claimed to have support from the various Tea Party groups, but Angle and Lowden had the larger orgs, Tea Party Express backing Angle and Tea Party Nation backing Lowdon. Angle will face Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in November. His campaign claims to be happy that they are facing Angle, but be careful what you wish for, Harry.

In South Carolina, Nikki Haley won an overwhelming majority of the votes in a five-way race for the GOP governor slot in November. However, since she did not get 50.1% of the votes, Haley will face Gresham Barret on June 22 in a special run-off election. Supported by Sarah Palin and Tea Party groups, Haley was subjected to a smear campaign, which included rumors of adulterous affairs, which she denies.

In California, former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman easily defeated Steve Poizner for the right to face Jerry Brown in the November governor’s race. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina beat back Tom Campbell and Chuck Devore, and will now move on to face Barbara Boxer for the U.S. Senate race in November. While many Tea Party groups supported Devore and Campbell, Fiorina had Sarah Palin in her corner.

So Tuesday Night was indeed a Ladies Night for the 2010 Elections! Blanche Lincoln survived. Nikki Haley is one step closer to her goal. Sharron Angle is poised to take on Harry Reid. Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina showed that California may be ready for successful businesswomen to help their state crawl out of the mess their in. We can even say it was a good night for Sarah Palin, too, as her endorsed candidates won.